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So last night I was pretty high and thought lol ima draw a happy lil face in this banana cus why the fuck notimage


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what about stars?
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3 1/2 hours of hell left


Ocean memories - by: Ashraful Arefin

(Tasha Marie) | NYC

Lake Okanagan ➾ Luke Gram

Anonymous said: you "kinda matured" when you realized you were spending too much money on weed, so you cut back so you could spend it on raves??? are you kidding. very mature

Well I love EDM and I don’t do drugs at raves so I stopped spending money to get high so that I could afford to see DJs and artists I genuinely want to see

Anonymous said: Hey so I know you smoke a lot of weed or at least you used to and I just wanted to know if you stopped smoking while you were applying places? And if you did how did you make yourself stop?? cause I need a job but it's so hard for me to stop smoking like I need to smoke every day to feel like I'm able to function idk I know that sounds bad but ya I just need tips on how to stop

Oh I actually don’t smoke as much weed as I used to, I used to do it all the time every day even if I was by myself but I kinda matured and after looking at how much money I spent on weed in a month I like hella cut back because I wanted to be able to afford concerts and raves and stuff. Just tell yourself you’re only gonna do it socially and that you won’t do it by yourself. I didn’t stop for jobs too like most places don’t drug test


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